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We offer a wide array of quality real estate services, just as we've done for four generations.

current focus

Our focus is on investment property as we purchase, renovate and remodel properties in centrally located areas of Orlando. Have a look at our listing page to see all available properties.

about the founders

kc bosserman thomas

Around the middle of the century KC's grandfather, Charles "Chuck" Bosserman, came to Orlando after serving in World War Two, as well as earning an MBA from Harvard Business School. Chuck was an early hire at Florida Ranch Lands and eventually represented many of the land owners who sold their property to Walt Disney. As Orlando time can be thought of in terms of pre- and post-Disney, KC's grandfather participated in the biggest land deal Orlando has ever seen. KC joins her father (and uncle) in continuing the family business. At Bloom she manages our renovation projects, designing entire interiors, and is constantly on the look-out for new investment opportunities. KC is well-skilled at finding hidden deals that elude most of our eyes. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and is an active Real Estate Licensee.

cameron thomas

In the 1940's Cameron's great-grandparents, Bertha and Floyd Boyd, opened a restaurant and boarding house near Orlando's train station. In addition to these first ventures, Floyd constructed numerous homes around the downtown Orlando area. The couple acquired a second boarding house adjacent to the original and a portfolio of over twenty (20) rental properties. Growing up, Cameron helped his grandfather (Bertha and Floyd's eldest son Edwin) care for the family properties. This was his first venture into the real estate market. Cameron's daily duties at Bloom involve working with sub-contractors on renovation projects, developing the acreage in Lake County and keeping the office running smoothly. Cameron has a Masters Degree in Design from The University of Florida (Go Gators!) and is an active Real Estate Licensee.

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